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WallBAR Insulation

WallBAR is a thermal/acoustical insulation manufactured to the same stringent standards that Weathershield blown in insulation is.  It is a product of CCI Manufacturing, a cellulose insulation company that has been in the business for almost 40 years. It’s made from 100% recycled wood fibre and contains a dry adhesive component, which ultimately forms a cohesive blanket in the wall cavity.  It is fire resistant and safe to use. It displays Canada’s Greenest of the Green logo, classifying it as an environmentally friendly insulation product.





Make your House more Energy Efficient

Air leakage and infiltration results in uncomfortable drafts, moisture damage, and energy loss. The only way to combat it is to have a “tighter fit.”  Traditional fibreglass insulation leaves many gaps and voids, but WallBAR completely fills every wall cavity, thereby leaving no gaps or voids for air movement to become a problem.  The density of the insulation product also matters in effectively resisting interstitial migration of air and moisture within itself.  Again, common fibre glass batts are poor performers in this area, but WallBAR is of much higher density and, thus, performs excellently in this area as well.

Maintains Its R-Value Where It Matters

R-value measurements of insulation do not include energy losses due to air leakage, convective loops within the wall membrane, or gaps and voids commonly found in walls insulated with batt material.  Traditional forms of insulation can lose anywhere from 30% to 50% of their R-value performance in the field compared to their laboratory R-value assigned by the manufacturer, but not WallBAR.  Due to its density and how it fills all gaps and voids, WallBAR’s laboratory R-value and performance in the field are identical.  So you get what you paid for when you buy WallBAR.

Safest Insulation for your Home Or Work Environment

Fibreglass insulation has substantial and well-documented public health threats.  It is required to carry a cancer warning label in compliance of the OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard.  In stark contrast, no adverse health effects have been identified for cellulose insulations such as WallBAR.  You can sleep easy knowing you made the right decision when choosing WallBAR.



Prevent Moisture Damage To Your Building

Air leakage or air movement through and around an insulating material such as glass fibre batts can reduce the effective R-value by up to 50%. In addition to convective heat loss, migrating air carries moisture vapour outward through cracks and holes in the building structure. When this warm moist air reaches cool surfaces, condensation occurs, the degree of which may cause further problems. However, WallBAR™’s shorter fibres, higher density, and seamless blanket cover provide high resistance to air leakage. WallBAR™ thus prevents condensation problems while maintaining a constant R-value. The result is a cost effective, environmentally friendly system, with performance far superior to that obtained by conventional insulation systems.



Soundproof your Building with WallBAR

Whether in a work environment or at home, unwanted noise can be a problem and interfere with productivity, sleep, or just a desire for quiet. WallBAR is highly effective at soundproofing your building from unwanted outdoor noise, such as from traffic, and indoor noise from other rooms. Whether you’re looking for noise reduction at home or in a business, WallBAR will help bring your building peace and quiet.  For exact ratings contact our staff and we will gladly provide them.