WallBAR has been trusted as the best wall insulation for countless agricultural projects due to its superiority in many qualities desired by the industry.

•  It doesn’t break down over time; pink fibreglass has been shown to gradually lose its structure.

•  It fills in the irregular cavities of a building and prevents air infiltration and convection.

•  Its relative density makes it better than all other insulators at soundproofing a building.

•  It is vermin-proof, treated to resist mice, rats and insects.

•  Properly installed, it will prevent ice damming.

•  It maintains its R-value below -30 degrees Celsius, whereas fibreglass can lose as much as 50% of its R-value below the same temperature.

This is not an exhaustive list , so contact us today to learn of its many other benefits.


WallBAR is used in many homes and has been given nothing but excellent reviews.

•  It’s non-toxic; in the decades it’s been in use no adverse health affects have been identified.

•  It will provide up to a 50% reduction on your energy costs.

•  It’s fire resistant, giving you much needed extra time to evacuate your home if a fire occurs.

•  It maintains a higher R-value (value of insulating quality) than the same volume of any other insulation.

WallBAR provides these and many more benefits, so contact us or an installer today to learn more.


WallBAR isn’t just for homes and agricultural projects, it can also vastly improve the quality and durability of your commercial structure as well.

•  Its ability to sound proof walls will protect your building against unwanted noise.

•  It is mould and mildew resistant, giving your building significant added durability.

•  It’s resistant to mice and other pests.

•  Lower energy costs for your business for your building’s lifetime.